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Behind The Shoot – Autumn 2015

Behind The Shoot – Autumn 2015

All our photo-shoots feature our staff, our friends or other great people we’ve met along the CSC journey. Our most recent shoot was no exception. We sat down to chat with Rianne, Emma, Rebecca and Neil (the faces in front of, and behind, the camera) to ask them what really went on behind the scenes of our ‘In The Clouds’ shoot in Littlehampton last month and what they’re looking forward to most about Autumn.

Is this the first time you’ve been on a shoot for CSC?

EMMA: As the Senior Designer, I arrange and art direct all the photo shoots at CSC. It’s my favourite part of my job because it means I get to see the new collection and get to know members of the company I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

RIANNE: I helped organise a few photo-shoots last year, including the Christmas shoot where we had a dog model and I had to build a gingerbread house. It’s always a lot of fun on CSC shoots.

Cambridge Satchel - Behind The Soot

What did you expect and how did the day compare?

REBECCA: I was really excited about visiting Worthing as I’ve never seen a real beach hut before.  I love fish and chips too, so I was definitely bribed by the possibility of us using a fish supper as a “prop”!

NEIL: I wasn’t sure what to expect – it was my first ever photo-shoot.  It was interesting to see how the photographer’s eye picked up angles and situations I wouldn’t have seen.

RIANNE: I expected fish and chips, cloudy British weather and lots of fun …. I wasn’t disappointed!

What’s your favourite bag from the new season collection?

EMMA: I really like the Traveller bag in Port. It’s such a rich colour and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. I’ll be taking it all around London with me – it’s my ideal ‘daily commute’ bag.

RIANNE: I don’t normally wear a lot of colour but I couldn’t help falling for the charm of the Cloud Bag. It’s one of those bags that really makes you stand out.

NEIL: The Batchel is such a classic and it’s practical too: it holds my laptop and paperwork with room to spare.

Cambridge Satchel - Behind The Soot

What’s your fondest seaside memory?

RIANNE: Going to this place called Red Rocks as a child when I went to visit my Grandparents – my mum told me not to play near the water and then, obviously, I did and fell straight in. The smell of the sea really reminds me of those days.

REBECCA: I went camping in Polzeath one summer with my family. We went to Port Isaac and saw Martin Clunes filming; we visited Tintagel Castel (which I thought was the real Camelot Castle) and then went sailing along the south coast one day with my Grandparents.

NEIL: My friend and I headed down to Newquay for an impromptu surfing trip one November.  We hadn’t planned anywhere to stay, so had to sleep in the car on a blustery outlet.  We got woken up by stray crashing over the windscreen from the waves.

EMMA: Being with my brother in Sussex, looking for crabs in Brixham, holidays in Cornwall! I love a trip to the seaside. I like that you can feel a million miles away from the stresses of life, in less than an hour’s drive.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the shoot day?

NEIL: Attempting to balance on the groynes with the wind whistling around us.

EMMA: The highlight of the day was meeting David the fish stall owner. What a legend. He posed for us with a pot of cockles and then showed us how to fillet a fish in 10 seconds flat!

REBECCA: Now Neil isn’t a huge fan of fish, so his face through out the whole thing was a picture…

RIANNE: Neil attempting to fly a kite that, literally, nose-dived on to the sand.

Cambridge Satchel - Behind The Soot

What are you looking forward to most about Autumn?

NEIL: Conkers.

RIANNE: Agreed. The conkers and pine cones falling from the trees and all the crunchy leaves on the ground. It just looks so pretty in the Great Park near where I live.

REBECCA: Seeing all my family at the end of this month. We have a few birthdays coming up so it’s a good excuse to get everyone together.

EMMA: Putting on my favourite jumper and going back to the seaside.

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