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Why We Autumn

Why We Autumn

To mark the arrival of our favourite season, we asked our Brand and Content team to put into words why they love Autumn.

New season, new me

Sarah Brand, Content Editor 

My year begins in Autumn.  

It’s a fleeting season, only ever a few weeks long – if you blink you might miss it. If you ask me, most people are too busy mourning the loss of summer to properly appreciate it.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

Not me. I’m there every year, like an over excited child eagerly waiting for Autumn to arrive; prematurely window shopping for my coat of the season and the perfect leather ankle boots that will see me through to spring next year. I was worried this year, amidst freakishly scorching September temperatures, that we were going to fast forward through Autumn altogether and arrive straight to Winter. I like the pace of things in Autumn, even in a busy city like London, everything slows down a little bit, we all take a bit more time over things – it’s great.

Others might save their new beginnings for January but for me it’s all about starting again in Autumn. I think the obsession with September/October springs from the fact that it reminds me of one of the best times of my life – arriving back at University for a new term, living with all my best friends and seeing the new start as an opportunity to improve and reinvent myself each year. I have a vivid memory of walking down Beverley Road in Hull (where I studied Drama at the University) on a cold but sunny day after a lecture. I was wearing my new coat and a checked bottle green blouse I was obsessed with and was heading to meet my friends in our favourite coffee shop to study. 

Mumford & Sons had just released their first album, I played it on repeat for months (much to my housemates’ dismay) and it’s been the soundtrack to my Autumn ever since.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

 You know those people who’re weirdly obsessed with Christmas and have a garish reindeer jumper for every day of December? Well, I sympathise with them. I have no shame in being an Autumn cliché. I am that girl in a woolly hat and checked coat walking over Waterloo Bridge listening to Roll Away Your Stone and eating a toffee apple.

 Other reasons why Autumn is the best include but are not limited to: coats and bare leg weather, reading lots of books, the first cosy jumper day of the year, burgundy (or oxblood as it is better known within the CSC family), pumpkin soup, Sunday roasts in a pub in your cosy jumper, climbing to the top of Hampstead Heath and seeing a sea of leaves below you, the man who sells toffee apples outside our office in Covent Garden, porridge with jam in the mornings , hot baths, whisky macs, cinema trips, dinner parties, Strictly Come Dancing, candles that smell like log fires and cinnamon flavoured coffees.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

My new year is off to a great start; I have my woolly jumper on, I’ve got Marcus Mumford singing in my ears and I’m off to buy a toffee apple. I recommend you do the same.

An ode to autumn

Nicola Hamilton, Head of Brand Communication 

Snuggly jumpers down from the loft

Sitting on the sofa with a blanket

Candle burning season

The best TV shows coming back on air

Drawing the curtains in the late afternoon

Not feeling bad about binge watching Netflix

Mulled cider at the pub after work

My headphones, a podcast, my coat, my scarf and a walk in the park

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Homemade soup to see me through the week

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn


Traipsing up to Alexandra Palace for the fireworks

Cinema trips with my best friend

An excuse to go shopping

New shoes, new boots, new coat, new bag

WH smiths trips for new stationery

AW clothes just seem to suit and fit me better

Discovering the joy of hygge in Copenhagen

The countdown to Christmas

Seeing your breath as you leave the house for work

Bangers & mash and comfort food

Long Sunday lunches in the pub by the fire

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

Finally getting round to reading from the pile of books by my bed

Fluffy socks

An excuse for an early night  

Walking the long way home just to see the lights

Peering into neighbour’s windows to see a slice of family life

A crackle of excitement in the air for my favourite season

Autumn & the countryside

Ella McKernan, Social Media & PR Intern 

Now having grown up in the countryside I must admit to being a slight country bumpkin.

 My Autumn is usually spent traipsing around the newly harvested fields with my black labrador Kizzy, watching her rummaging through the fallen leaves in search of the perfect stick.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

 Autumn in the countryside is simply my happy place- wholesome and secure. The things I love most about this season begin and end with the countryside. And, as any seasoned dog walker will know, this means wellies.

 I can’t wait to get my wellies out again this year. My Mum and I have been having an annual competition over the last couple of years to see who can buy the most outrageous pair. I think I must admit defeat this year as her cerise pair covered in a dalmatian print make my patent red pair seem rather mundane.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

 It’s all the Autumn layers that I just love so much –  the coats, the boots, the scarves- the list goes on and on. The endless cycle of telling myself the coat or boots I’ve just bought are perfect- the only one I’ll buy this Autumn- only to be tempted by the coat in the window of the very next shop.

Cambridge Satchel - Why We Love Autumn

This love for Autumn was cemented during a big family Sunday roast at my Grandparents house last weekend. The Sunday Roast has always been a key signifier to me of the welcome arrival of Autumn. A table bulging with roast potatoes, every kind of vegetables and more gravy that anyone could ever need. 

 This particular roast was followed immediately by the arrival of an apple crumble made from apples gathered from my Granny’s orchard. If I didn’t love Autumn before, then being presented with a huge bowl of homemade crumble and warm custard certainly pushed my love affair with the Autumn countryside to new heights.

 Just remember my grandpa’s golden rule of apple crumble is that you must have equal ratio of top and bottom – so just as much apple and there is crumble.


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