A Cambridge Spring

A Cambridge Spring

This unusual February weather has everyone in a spring state of mind. And the best place to be in spring has to be Cambridge.

Cherry blossoms bloom as their falling petals dance along the pavements, a purple haze of wisteria adorns the historic college walls, Mill Road locals vy for outdoor seating at the local coffee shop whilst basking in the sunshine and the punt tour guides are whistling a tune as they glide down the River Cam. Basically, the sun is out and people are happy!

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love Cambridge in spring;

Daffodils along The Backs

Crocuses and daffodils begin to spring up after their long winter sleep creating a blanket of yellow and purple fields.

Punts on the River Cam

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow the River Cam will be bustling with punts, especially when you take in these views.

The Mill Pond

“Meet you down by the Mill Pond?” has to be the most common sentence uttered by Cambridge folk as soon as the sun begins to shine.

Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom is everywhere! Doesn’t it just make the most instagrammable pics?!

Orchard Street wisteria

Hands up who has taken a photo of this wisteria tree? You cannot walk down Orchard Street without stopping to take a photo of every other pastel coloured front door.

Lighter evenings

Hurrah! We are finally getting our evenings back. You can find us strolling along the backs of the colleges taking in sights such as this -

Mill Road coffee shops

Relevant Records in the place to head to now that the evenings are getting lighter. We love to sit outside and watch the world go by on perhaps the best street in Cambridge.

Our spring shop windows

How cute are these hand drawn flowers?

Our new Spring Collection

This month we launched our new A Cambridge Spring collection featuring a palette of pastel yellows, rich blues, light lilacs and cloud pinks to get you in a Cambridge spring state of mind.