The Best School Bags You Can Buy in 2019

KIDS’ bags for school have had to become a lot more durable, multitasking and stylish in recent years.

Kids are expected to carry a lot of stuff around these days, and their bags for school need to be sturdy – as well as looking good.

Here’s our pick of the best bags for school for kids for nursery and beyond, chosen based with our own expertise and the recommendations of parents (and their children).

Even your nursery kid is likely to need a bag for school, to carry any books, toys, snacks, water and wipes so they can go from nursery to the park or their football or dance class.

From Reception time, children are typically expected to carry bags for school which house their reading books, a reusable bottle of water and any letters from school or party invites from friends.

Of course, you’ll also want a bag for school that’s spacious enough to carry packed lunch, recorders, changes of clothes for PE or after-school clubs. And let’s not forget homework.

As children get older and move through secondary school, bags for school that have the capacity to carry laptops are useful; pick one from a respected brand like Cambridge Satchel Company or Vans and they can last until the uni days.

While comfort is key in kids’ bags for school, looks are also important. Graphics, sequins, cool pockets and any extras that kids won’t be expecting are all a plus.

After all, think about how important your work rucksack or bag is; school bags are a big deal for kids, especially if they’re going to be wearing them day in, day out.

Best leather bag for school

  • 15" Classic Batchel in Oxblood, £175 at The Cambridge Satchel Company - buy here

This is a pricier investment piece, sure, but for sixth formers or those en route to uni, it's well worth it because this is one of those great quality, bag-for-life purchases.

Called a "batchel," it's a satchel-backpack hybrid which can be personalised with initials or a symbol and can house the older-student essentials: a laptop, headphones and a smartphone.

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