More Than Meets the Eye.

Celebrating brilliant British craftsmanship, exceptional materials and fantastically interesting wearers.

A Little Bit About Us

We’ve grown so much since our beginnings, but our passion has never waned. Our pursuit of excellence underpins everything we do, as we remain committed to making exceptionally good quality bags that last a lifetime. Bags that can carry a lifetime of learning – of curiosity, creativity and adventure. It’s why we thrive in Cambridge, a city rich in history and culture, but nevertheless ever looking forward, shaping change and driving progress.

A beautiful blend of old and new, that’s Cambridge, and it’s in our DNA. In all our bags you’ll find a taste of tradition, brought back to life with style, finesse and fun! Behind every design lies a story waiting to be told. Behind every bag, a story waiting to be written.

Our Bags

Our business was built on the Satchel – it’s in the name! The most British of bags, it was our first ever product, appropriately inspired by traditional leather school bags from years gone by. In other words, not only is it stylish, but practical and durable as well. A modern bag with a truly enviable heritage.

Our inspiration comes from everywhere, founded in the joy of unexpected encounters. Like the Satchel, every one of our bags has its own story to tell. Emblems of a time when style trumped fashion and craftsmanship was all, these are bags that should have never been forgotten. Beautiful designs from the past, wonderfully rediscovered and made perfect for today.

Our Materials

We love leather! It’s natural, reliable, durable, and it lasts a lifetime. As in everything we do, we carefully consider where we source our materials from. This is why our bags are made from only the highest quality, ethically sourced leather. All the leather we use is a by-product of the food industry. We like to call it ‘upcycling with style.’

Leather ages beautifully. As it softens and changes with time, its unique patina becomes a map of its wearer’s experiences, gently shaped by each use. But like any natural material, leather is not indestructible. There’s always that possibility of a little accident, especially if you use our bags as much as we hope you will. That’s why we offer a lifetime repairs service on all our products. Whether it be as little as replacing a buckle, or as much as a full restoration, we’ll do everything we can to keep your bag prepared for the years to come.

It’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion fads, and hello to a bag founded upon consideration, quality and style.

Our Makers

We are committed to preserving exceptional British craftsmanship. All our products are handmade by our highly skilled Makers at our Workshop in the heart of England. It’s here that we produce all our iconic, British leather bags, as well as all those little extras, or Finishing Touches, as we call them.

Oh, if only every one of our customers could visit our Workshop! Then they’d be able to see the skill, care and level of craftsmanship that goes into all our items. To watch the leather pass from hand to hand, carefully moulded into an array of amazing products is a true delight.

And our Makers? They are some of Britain’s most talented, dedicated and caring craftsmen and women. They are the heart of The Cambridge Satchel Co., and many have been with us since we first opened our Workshop in 2011. They have over a century of experience between them and are the reason we’re confident that your bag will stay by your side for life. Our Makers love what they do and do what they love. Just ask our good friend King Charles III (yes, you read that right, The King is just one of the many esteemed guests to have visited our Workshop). Because there is something truly wonderful about creating a bag, a wonder which our Workshop has in spades.


We’ve given our bags a Vivienne Westwood makeover, crafted one-of-a-kind Satchels for Comme des Garçons, and created an extra-special, teeny-tiny Satchel for Paddington Bear. All of our collaborations are done exclusively with people we admire. That is our one, unbreakable rule.

It’s why we can say we are honoured to work with The Royal Opera House, University of Cambridge, The Prince’s Foundation, and The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST). Like The Cambridge Satchel Co., each of these incredible institutions is founded upon a commitment to opportunity and education. Which means when you purchase our exclusive, collaboration bags you’ll be funding new programs that empower young people and creators to lead their generation in ambition and excellence. Because the best way to look good is to do good.