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Fifteen Minutes with CSC Customer, Super - Fan & Instagrammer Hayley Doyle

Our social media and content team LOVE coming into work on a Monday morning and looking through all the beautiful photos of our bags that our customers have posted on social over the weekend. We’re fascinated with how you style your bags, where you take them and what you carry in them; we love that you choose to take us on your adventures with you, near and far.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

Earlier this year, a certain instagrammer caught our eye. She would regularly appear on the #CSCspotted feed, posting whimsical, colourful photos of our bags on her travels around the world. (The only other person we know who posts that many photos of our bags is our Content Editor Sarah and that sort of comes with the territory!). Her name was Hayley, an air hostess based in Yorkshire. We chose her as our #CSCspotted winner that month and sent her a brand new bag as her prize. (If you don’t know about our monthly competition, find out more here and get snapping!).

We wanted to find out a bit more about Hayley, the story behind her love for all things CSC and her favourite things about the winter season. Read on and see her year unfold in photos (and bags).

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

Im a Yorkshire girl, a little bit of a magpie as I love anything vintage or retro, I drive an emerald green Figaro called Audrey and I love a good adventure. When I’m not treasure hunting or off on adventures, I usually have my head in the clouds at 32,000ft as I work as cabin crew.

How did you first hear about The Cambridge Satchel Company?

I first discovered The Cambridge Satchel Company when scouring the internet for the perfect stylish yet practical leather satchel.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

When did you buy your first CSC bag?

I received my first Cambridge Satchel as a gift from my boyfriend in 2012, it was a red 13″ Satchel embossed with my initials, from that moment it became some sort of lovely tradition for a Christmas gift!

What is it about our bags that you love so much?

They are timeless in every way…a forever bag. My collection has grown so much over the years and I know I’ve always got a trusty satchel for any outfit or occasion.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

Your instagram feed is full of beautiful photos, you look like you’re always off on an adventure. What’s been your highlights of this year?

My highlights this year have to be visiting Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon & Copenhagen. I love exploring new places, eating all of the food (in particular Portuguese Pastel de nata), embracing other cultures, taking too many photos and making lots of happy memories.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

It’s officially winter! What is your favourite thing about the colder months?

My favourite thing is winding down, dark winter nights are a good excuse for cosy evenings at home and I love nothing more than the smell of cinnamon candles, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and getting snug in my pyjamas.

Are you more of a winter or summer person?

I have to say I am a summer person for many reasons including roof-down road-trips to the seaside and eating ice-cream on a sunny day, but I do appreciate the lovely changes of the seasons and I’m fully embracing tights weather right now.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

What is your favourite thing to do in your time off in the winter?

I love to get wrapped up, pack a picnic and go for walks in the beautiful Peak District, this usually involves a little brunch or coffee date on route.

How does your wardrobe change for the winter months?

My wardrobe changes in quite a small way as I just add tights and layers to existing outfits. Velvet and metallics make an appearance during the festive season but I spend the majority of winter living in turtlenecks and pinafores, lazy girl dressing at its finest.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

As we move into the festive season, do you have any rituals or things you do every year to get you in the festive mood?

Nothing gets me in the festive spirit more than visiting Christmas markets in the run up to the big day, eating warm hearty food, drinking mulled wine and searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle

What’s your favourite Christmas film and why?

My favourite Christmas film has to be The Holiday as it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling no matter how many times I watch it.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

I would love a sausage dog…but realistically a shiny new satchel would be amazing, a girl can never have too many bags!

What does next year have in store for you?

I don’t really have anything planned at the moment, but I would like to think that 2017 will bring exciting new challenges and lots more lovely adventures.

Cambridge Satchel - Hayley Doyle