On Minimising Waste

We often receive questions from you about the sustainability of our leather bags, our commitment to minimising waste and our packaging. And quite rightly! We do everything we can to keep our waste to a minimum and to keep your bag in great condition for many years to come. So, without further ado, here are the answers to your questions…

Leather Lasts

Leather is our foundation material - why? Because it stands the test of time. It’s natural, reliable, durable, and it lasts a lifetime. As in everything we do, we carefully consider where we source our materials from. This is why our bags are made from only the highest quality, ethically sourced leather. 

All the leather we use is a by-product of the food industry, meaning it would have otherwise gone to waste; in fact, studies have shown the environmental benefit of using leather hides in fashion. If we were to stop using the material, numerous hides would be thrown away and burnt, generating more than 750,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year in the US only*. As a natural and durable resource which is free of synthetic materials such as microfibres, our leather does minimal harm to the planet and looks absolutely fantastic.

Leather ages beautifully, too. As it softens and changes with time, its unique patina becomes a map of its wearer’s experiences, gently shaped by each use. And as many of our bags are available in timeless core colours, they will always be unfailingly stylish, allowing you to show off your bags for years to come! Needless to say that our designs, based on the past but built for the present, are timeless too.

Using Every Last Scrap

Because we were brought up well, waste not, want not is what we live by. Cutting out our buckles is just the tip of the iceberg - we use every last scrap of leather to make our leather luggage tags and little curios! Our Makers like to use extra leather to make little receptacles for materials, too. 


We want to make sure that your bag arrives to you in perfect condition without compromising on sustainability. Small goods will come in a beautiful reusable branded box, and bags will come in an ethically-made cotton dust bag. Both are packed within biodegradable packaging, too.

Repairs and care items

Of course, as a natural material, leather does age (rather beautifully we think). It softens over time - that’s normal, and it’s what will make your bag 100% unique to you. However, accidents happen - bags can get damaged. We are committed to helping you take care of your leather bag, so that it stays with you for a long time. Our makers love their craft, and are always there to restitch, replace and restore while you relax, knowing it’s in good hands. 

We can do anything from repairing a lock or replacing a strap to a complete bag overhaul. We’ll even give you a one year warranty on your bag, which will offer you a free of charge repair service for natural breakages and wear and tear. Anything to keep your bag looking fabulous!

Handcrafted in the UK

We are so proud to have our very own workshop in the heart of England, where our Makers handcraft your bag, package it up and get it ready to make its way to you in one short trip. Whenever we can, we make sure that your bag travels as short a distance as possible to get to you. Thanks to our partner Carryr, it can even make its way to you by bike, if you live in Cambridge. Yes, that’s right! Not a fume or gas to be seen - a quick, flexible and sustainable way of receiving your bag when you just can’t wait (and who wouldn’t be impatient?). 

We’re proud to say that your bag will be your companion for a very, very long time - one that you can carry with you knowing that it was made with care and consideration. A sentimental piece with a story that can be used and passed down over and over again. It doesn’t get better than that!


For more information, please visit the sustainability page on our website.

*Data sourced from Leather Naturally.