12 of the Best Backpacks for Primary and Secondary School Children

Whether your child is starting school in September or heading back for their final year, a new bag is a back-to-school essential for every student.

Over the years, school bags have had to become more durable and stylish to suit busy, modern-day children who are often expected to cart around laptops, school books, lunch boxes, PE equipment and more around.

Even nursery school children require a bag to carry books, toys, snacks and wipes so they can go from nursery to their extra-curricular activities.

Due to the demand, there are hundreds of school bags available in all shapes, sizes, colours and prints available - which can make picking one difficult.

Check out the round-up below of the best reviewed or bestselling products online, or the bags our Yahoo staffers love the most to suit all budgets and tastes.

The Cambridge Satchel Company 11 Inch Magnetic Satchel in Leather | £145 | Shop now

Why choose: One happy customer wrote on The Cambridge Satchel Company’s website: “Amazing quality, very happy with my purchase. The colour is amazing, the size is perfect if you want to carry only your wallet, phone, notebook or a book, keys, and lipstick as I mostly do. If you need it for university, then consider the 13-14 inch one, but if you use it at work or when you travel, 11 inch is really a perfect fit.”

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